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Phyllis Alsdurf
photo credit: Scott Streble


Phyllis Alsdurf
Phyllis Alsdurf grew up on a Southern Minnesota dairy farm where she and her six brothers and sisters always managed to find adventure just around the corner—whether it be from sailing through the air on a sack swing hung high in a towering maple tree, building impossibly intricate forts in the hay mow, or making "scientific" discoveries along the banks of the river that wound lazily through the pasture.

But there were also plenty of chores to be done, including running down the lane to bring the cows up to the barn for milking. In It's Milking Time, Phyllis tells the story of how a young girl does that and helps her father with the daily routine of milking.

Phyllis worked as a magazine editor and freelance writer of nonfiction articles for many years. She holds a Ph.D. in journalism and is director of the journalism program at Bethel University in St. Paul. She and her husband, Jim, live in the Twin Cities with their boxer, Stella.

Phyllis loves to talk to students of all ages about how to turn life's adventures into captivating stories and is available for school visits and workshop sessions.
It's Milking Time
illustrated by Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher
Random House, 2012
ages 4 and up, ISBN 978-0375869112

A lyrical and visual treasure—perfect for reading aloud to any child who's ever asked: Where does milk come from?

As the sun sets over the fields, a little girl and her father begin the evening milking. They work side by side, fanning out beds of straw, bringing in the cows, and hooking up the milkers.

Soon they've filled milk can after milk can for the creamery truck that will arrive in the morning. The fresh dairy product isn't just for them—other families will buy their milk, butter, and cheese at stores and farmers' markets near and far, connecting the little girl's farm to the world beyond.

Phyllis Alsdurf has created a poetic story that lovingly depicts the special bond between a child and her father, as well as the relationship between a young farmer and her animals. With Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher's exquisite illustrations, It's Milking Time is a must-have for any picture book collection.

  It's Milking Time

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