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J.M. Bedell

J.M. Bedell is a nonfiction writer and the author of several books for young readers, including So, You Want to Be a Chef?, Finding Courage: History's Young Heroes and Their Amazing Deeds, Combating Terrorism, Teens in Pakistan, and Hildur, Queen of the Elves. She is also a ghost writer of nonfiction books and web articles, as well as a writer and editor for other nonfiction projects like company training manuals. When she is not focused on a nonfiction project, she loves to research and write middle grade historical fiction, like Saving Liberty. She lives in Gaston, Oregon with her husband, two dogs, six goats, nine chickens and a flock of noisy guinea fowl.

So, You Want To Be a Chef?
Aladdin, 2013
ages 8 to 13, ISBN 978-1582704371

Exploring a career in the culinary arts has never been so easy! Do you have a passion for cooking food? Do you enjoy writing about food? Do you see the beauty of a perfectly plated meal? Do you love planning events and parties? If any of these questions sparks an interest in you, then the world of culinary arts is the place to be!
This comprehensive guide covers everything you'll need to know to immerse yourself in the culinary world. Starting with investigating the different paths for becoming a chef to food production and packaging, this book lets you have your cake and eat it too when it comes to the professional possibilities of being a food lover.

So, You Want To Be a Chef

Saving Liberty
CreateSpace, 2011
ISBN 978-1463617097

Traitor! Dency Wright overhears her Uncle Samuel talking to a British spy. She learns that British soldiers are secretly marching toward Pepperell. They are on their way to ambush the minutemen gathering at Lexington. Her father, brother, and the men of Pepperell are those minutemen. With no time to waste, Dency rides through the night, rallying the townspeople to come and fight. “The British are coming! We must stop the enemy a Jewett’s Bridge!” At dawn, the women, children and old men of Pepperell are ready to fight, but Dency knows they are no match for a trained militia. It is up to her to find a way to stop the British soldiers, protect the people of Pepperell, and warn the minutemen at Lexington.

Saving Liberty

Combating Terrorism
illustrated by Tuesday Mourning
Compass Point Books, 2010
ISBN 978-0756543099

When the report of another terrorist attack hits the news, it is easy to think that nothing is being done to stop them. This is not true. Around the world, dedicated people willingly put their lives on the line to stop
terrorists from completing their missions. From Europe to Asia, from India to the Americas, terrorists are facing a growing number of groups who are fighting back. These groups protect likely targets, find and capture known
terrorists, and work to eliminate the root causes of terrorism.

Terrorism will never go away completely. It is beyond the power of any government to stop the actions of a few determined people. The best that we can hope for is that the impact of a terrorist attack on any country, state, city or town is small. Reducing the impact of terrorism on people's everyday lives is an achievable goal.

Combating Terrorism

Teens in Pakistan
Compass Point Books, 2009
ISBN 978-0756540432

Readers experience unique languages, traditions, and values from the perspective of their peers in each country. What is a typical school day like? What do teens do for fun? The teen-focused text, translations, statistics, and various maps make this series ideal for both report research and recreational reading.

Bank Street College of Education Best Books of the Year

Teens in Pakistan

Hildur, Queen of the Elves, and Other Stories
co-authored with Terry Gunnell
Interlink Publishing Group, 2006
ages 12 and up, ISBN 978-1-56656-633-9

In 870 AD, the first explorers arrived on the volcanic island that one day would be called Iceland. The men and women Who settled there, on the edge of the Arctic Circle, beside the last vestiges of ancient Ice Age glaciers, were a resourceful and hardy folk. They withstood fierce winter storms, plunging arctic temperatures, violent volcanic eruptions, powerful earthquakes, and the lonely isolation of this distant island.

In the eleventh century, Iceland's governing body grew weary of civil war and grudgingly accepted the rule of the king of Norway. For the next 700 years, these fiercely independent Icelanders suffered under various foreign rulers. Then, in 1944, after finally gaining full independence, the people and the country began to flourish. Out of this tumultuous geography and history emerged a unique oral tradition, which gave birth to these famous Icelandic legends. You will read the stories of elves and trolls, ghosts and goblins, as well as tales of scary monsters and thrilling mysteries.

As folklorist Terry Gunnell writes, the stark and shifting landscape of Iceland is itself a storybook. These legends hold a particular wary respect for nature and a wry wisdom that states that we human beings are mere tenants on earth, with no control over weather or ghosts or wild creatures.

Hildur, Queen of the Elves, and Other Stories

Finding Courage:
History's Young Heroes and Their Amazing Deeds

Beyond Words Publishing, 2004
Ages 9 and up, ISBN

"There are courageous kids on every continent and in every nation. From ancient China to modern, war-torn Israel , they continue to fight for peace in their homelands, justice for themselves and others, and the right to live, learn, and grow in a world free from hate and tyranny."

What does it take to become a hero? The courage to believe that you can make a difference! In J.M. Bedell's book, Finding Courage, everyday kids from the past and the present summon the hero within when daunting circumstances challenge them to stand up for their beliefs. From Fa Mu Lan, who was only a young girl when she disguised herself as a man to fight in the Chinese army against the brutal Tartar, to Dilli Chaudhary who continues to fight against slavery and is the founder of a powerful group that works for the abolition of bonded labor in Nepal, to you and your own story of courage; this empowering collection of biographies will inspire both kids and adults to see the world as a place where one person really can make a difference.

Finding Courage: History's Young Heroes and Their Amazing Deeds tells the stories of twenty-seven real kids—different countries, different languages, different lives—who wanted to change the world. They made real differences because of their heroic deeds. You might recognize the names of some of these kids, but there are others you've never heard about, some of whom are still working to make a difference today.


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