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Photo Credit: Ann Marsden

Here I sit in my studio, perhaps wondering what art I’ll make this day and for what purpose. I also seem to be wondering about something else in the other photo … always wondering … never quite sure … typical of the artist’s life … well, my life anyway.

Thankfully, I do remember to go over to my studio each day and make use of the light, often ruining lots of good paper and board in the process. Not all is ruined however as some goes up on my walls, or in frames, and, of course, in my books. Yes, still making books (since 1973) and enjoying the magic and mystery of it all, though I am very critical of my work. I do always attempt to be true to the spirit of the text, as well as asking myself what would I like to see in a particular drawing, as well as what the viewer might enjoy. I am nothing more than an older version of myself as a youngster, so this comes fairly easy…hoping that it comes across from the pages in the book.

So, I happily persist in my artistic journey. As to my books, I’ll continue on until I eventually get one right.  Wouldn’t that be something?!

  Stephen Gammell
Photo Credit: Charles Rushton
Laugh Out Loud Baby
written by Tony Johnston
illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Simon & Schuster, 2012
ages 4 to 8, ISBN 978-0761357902

The family gathers round to hear the sweet sound of the new baby's sweet laugh! But just because everyone has gathered doesn't mean the baby's ready. When the moment finally comes, the sound makes everyone else laugh too—aunts, uncles, cousins, and even great-grandma. It seems no one can resist the sound of baby's laugh. And who would want to?

Laugh-Out Loud Baby
written and illustrated by Stephen Gammell
illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Carolrhoda, 2011
ages 4 to 8, ISBN 978-0761357902

"Rain's gone! Time to play!" commands the queen. Well, she's not really a queen--just an ordinary girl who has an extraordinary day. She meets Mudkin, a friendly creature who whips up a robe and crown for her. Away they go to meet Her Majesty's subjects. Even if the kingdom lasts only until the next rain shower, the crown Mudkin gives her is forever.

How the Nobble Was Finally Found
written by C. K. Williams
Harcourt Children's Books, 2009
ages 9 to 12, ISBN 978-0152054601

The Nobble lives in a world all his own—a fantastical world where you can do the impossible things of dreams. It’s a nice life and all he’s ever known. Yet one day he begins to think about finding some place he hasn’t been yet. Or maybe seeing something he hasn’t seen yet. Or...something. So he sets off on a journey to an unusual place, where he discovers roary things, fuzzy things, and tall, shiny, rectangular things. Then a door knocks. If only he knew what a door was...
How the Nobble Was Finally Found
I Know an Old Teacher
written by Anne Bowen
illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Carolrhoda, 2008
ages 4 to 8, ISBN 978-0822579847

Taking a creative look at the classic children's song "I Know an Old Woman," this rendition starts out as an innocent accident when a tiny flea plops into Miss Bindley's tea. But it's downhill from there, and soon Miss Bindley is gobbling up the entire classroom menagerie! Caldecott Medal-winner Stephen Gammell's stunning illustrations combine media such as watercolor, colored pencils—and even spit—to create a tone of whimsy throughout this ridiculous tale. With infectious rhyme, rhythm, and repetition, I Know an Old Teacher is the perfect read aloud, sure to elicit squeals of both delight and disgust as Miss Bindley swallows each of the class pets one by one.

I Know an Old Teacher
My Friend, the Starfinder
written by George Ella Lyon
illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Atheneum, 2008
ISBN 978-1-4169-2738-9

Dazzled, a little girl listens to her old neighbor's story of following a falling star when he was a boy. He found it, too. He put it in her hands. But that's not all the starfinder has to tell. One day something found him. It's a story too good to keep. See for yourself.

My Friend, the Starfinder
The Secret Science Project
That Almost Ate the School

written by Judy Sierra
illustrated by Stephen Gammell
Simon & Schuster, 2006
ISBN 978-1-4169-1175-3

Students heed this little rhyme
When it's science project time,
Do not make goop,
or glop,
or grime,
and never mess with

Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School
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