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Angela Gustafson

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Angela Gustafson

Angela Gustafson is the author of Imagine a House: A Journey to Fascinating Houses Around the World.

In August 1994, Angela and her husband, Brian, left for the Dominican Republic to begin an incredible two-year journey as Peace Corps volunteers along the Haitian border. The culture, environment, and friendships they experienced as volunteers not only fostered a passion for learning about other cultures, but planted an idea to share that knowledge through products they would want for their own children.

Angela established Out of the Box Publishing in 1998, to make learning about the world we live in a uniquely fun experience for the young and not-so-young alike! Imagine a House makes its debut as the first book in the What a World We Live In series.

Angela, Brian, and their three young sons live in Minneapolis, MN.

Imagine a House: A Journey to
Fascinating Houses Around the World
Out of the Box, 2003
All ages, ISBN 978-0-9726849-0-3

Reading Guide available throughMinnesota Storytime

Close your eyes. Imagine a house. What do you see?

Crawling through a tunnel of snow? Sleeping under a goat skin tent? Eating dinner in a beehive? Floating on an island of grass? Hopping on a boat to cross the street? Climbing a ladder to reach the front door?

Step inside Imagine a House and be surprised! You will visit 15 countries and arrive at the doorsteps of 22 fascinating houses. See the people who live in them and discover how they were built.

Enjoy 32 pages of spectacular photography, engaging design, and colorful maps. Readers will have the opportunity to go beyond the book with discussion questions and activity ideas (ideal for home and classroom use) offered on the final pages.

Imagine a House

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