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Barbara Johansen Newman
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Barbara Johansen Newman spent ten years as a puppeteer (performing with her husband, Phil) and as an award winning fiber/doll artist. During that time she exhibited at juried craft shows and galleries throughout the northeast, including the Kenan Center 100 American Craftsman (1974-1980) and the American Craft Council show at Rhinebeck, New York from 1975-1980.

In 1982, Barbara left her career as puppeteer and fiber artist behind, to begin illustrating full time. Since then her work has been published in many venues, including national magazines, newspapers, advertising, calendars, greeting cards, and book work. In 1996, after the birth of her third son, Barbara decided to focus only on children's literature. Since then she has illustrated fourteen books for children and will be continuing to work on the two continuing series by both David A. Adler and Michele Torrey.

In 2007 Barbara will be published as both illustrator and author for the first time when her new book, Tex and Sugar: A Big City Kitty Ditty is published by Sterling Publishers. Barbara, her husband, three sons and a French Bull dog named Bitty, live in Needham, Massachusetts with a house full of jukeboxes, cowboy collectibles, cookie jars and carnival chalkware. When she is not writing, drawing and blogging, she is ever on the hunt for various and sundry vintage "stuff."

Tex &Sugar: a Big CityKitty Ditty

Tex &Sugar:a Big City KittyDitty
Sterling, 2007
ISBN 978-1-4027-3887-6

Meet two delightful country-crooning cats who will have kids singing their praises: Tex Mex Rex and Sugar Lee Snughead. Both kitties have left their small towns and come to the big city in search of fame and fortune on the stage. And why not? Tex's tunes "could put smiles on fields full of cattle," while Sugar's voice "called as sweetly as catbirds in June."

But city life isn't all it's cracked up to be—until Tex and Sugar find each other—and discover what beautiful music they make together. Like the best country songs, Tex & Sugar is funny, touching, and carries a great message: Believe in Dreams, Darlin', You Know They'll Find You.

Skunk's Spring Surprise

Bones and the BirthdayMystery
written by David A.Adler
Viking Books for Children, February 2007
ISBN 978-0-67006-164-8

Bones and his parents got Grandpa a special present for his birthday. But by the time they all make it to the party, the gift is gone. How could it have disappeared so quickly? Will detective Jeffrey Bones be able to solve the mystery and sing “Happy Birthday” to Grandpa? Written by the author of the popular Cam Jansen books, this Easy-to-Read series is perfect for new readers.

Shoo! Scat!

Shoo! Scat!
written by Lois G.Grambling
Marshall Cavendish, 2004
ISBN 978-0-7614-5167-9

Professor Flugel is determined to keep Gray Squirrel from eating from his birdfeeder. But Gray Squirrel is just as determined to have breakfast at Professor Flugel’s expense. When a super-soaker water gun, an alligator-filled moat, and an un-climbable metal pole fail to deter the pesky rodent, Professor Flugel has his best idea yet—he invites Gray Squirrel inside for tea and toast, and the two watch the birds together. Filled with zany illustrations of Gray squirrel in a raincoat, hot air balloon, and full scuba gear, this off-beat tale is sure to make young readers chuckle.

Bones andtheBig Yellow Mystery

Bones and theBig YellowMystery
written by David A. Adler
VikingBooks for Children, 2004
ISBN 978-0-670-05947-8
Easy-to-Read #1

In Bones and the Big Yellow Mystery, Mr. Green has lost his schoolbus. "A bus is a big thing to lose," Jeffrey says. But sometimes, big things are hard to find. Maybe Mr. Green's bus was stolen. Detective Bones gets out his pad, notes the clues, and the search begins. . . .

Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery

Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery
written by David A. Adler
VikingBooks, 2004
ISBN 978-0-670-05948-5
Easy-to-Read #2

Detective Jeffrey Bones is back for another mystery in Bones and the Dog Gone Mystery. Bones, Grandpa, and Curly the wonder detective dog, set off for the park. All seems well ... until trouble strikes at the swing set. What happened to Bones' magnifying glass? Where is Curly? Did someone steal him? Good thing Bones has his detective bag. Or does he? This isn't turning out to be a very good day for Bones. Detectives find things. Can Detective Jeffrey Bones find the things he lost?

Bones and the Cupcake Mystery

Bones and the Cupcake Mystery
written by David A. Adler
VikingBooks, 2004
ISBN 9780670059393
Easy-to-Read #3

Detective Jeffrey Bones is always ready to help when a mystery strikes. In the third Bones mystery a cupcake, a spinach noodle one is missing from school. "Yuck!" says Bones. Who would steal something so gross? Armed with a code breaker, a walkie-talkie, and clever jokes, Jeffrey Bones solves the cupcake conundrum. Perfect for new readers, this Easy-to-Read mystery series-written by the author of the popular Cam Jansen books-features easy-to-follow storylines, brief sentences, and visual clues within the illustrations.

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