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Cindy Rogers
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Cindy Rogers is a teacher, an editor, and the author of three books and more than 100 stories, plays, articles, essays, and word conundrums. Her most recent book, Word Magic:YourSource toLanguage That Enchants, Empowers, Convinces and Wins readers, is the result of several years of research on the richness and subtleties of theEnglish language. Numerous articles and columns on the use of language and writing have been published in Writer’s Digest, Children’s Writer, and Children’s Magazine Market.

Her stories have appeared in Highlights for Children, Cricket, Spider, Sports Illustrated for Children, Hopscotch, and have been selected for anthologies by Milkweed Editions and Standard Publishers.

Ms.Rogers' educational pieces have been published in Good Apple Newspaper, Educational Oasis, Parents of Teenagers and excerpts of her work have been used in testing materials by Harcourt Brace, McGraw Hill, SIRS, and Exploring English.

A teacher of children and adults in the public and private sectors for 20 years, CindyRogers has a BSin education andFrench and is currently working on her MFAin Writing.

Word Magic
The Writer's Bookstore, 2004
ISBN 978-1889715193

A fascinating book that clearly shows you how to boost the success potential of your writing project, whether an article, speech, story, book, play, or advertising, by elevating and energizing—charging up—the language in which it is written.

From this one source, you’ll discover how to craft beginnings that hook the reader, middles that compel him or her to stay on the hook, dialogue and descriptions that sizzle and enchant, and endings that leave the reader eager to read more of your work.

Word Magic will help you accomplish all this through dozens of proven language devices and secrets that successful authors use to lift their writing from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

Word Magic

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