Como crecen los perritos Big Tracks, Little Tracks
Antelope, Bison, Cougar Egg to Chick

Millicent Selsam was born May 30, 1912 in Brooklyn, N.Y. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a degree in biology and went on to receive a master's degree in botany from Columbia University. She taught high school science before deciding to write science discovery books for children in 1946.

Her first book, From Egg to Chick, became a part of the Harper & Row "I Can Read Science" series in 1970. Ms. Selsam went on to write over 100 children's science trade books, many of which are still used extensively in today's classrooms.

She also became a juvenile science editor for Walker & Co., and worked on Isaac Asimov's "How Did We Find Out" series. Selsam died in 1996.

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