Dr. Jenner and the Speckled Monster Diana Wynne Jones
Cart and Cwidder Homeward Bounders
Diana Wynne Jones was born on August 16th in London, England, but World War II soon caused them to move to rural Essex. Her father didn't think money should be spent on books so, at an early age, she began writing stories for herself and her sisters. She received her Bachelor of Arts at St. Annes' College in Oxford, where a couple of her teachers were C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien. Jones didn't seriously think about writing fantasy until her three sons were old enough to read and couldn't find any more fantasy novels once they'd finished Kipling and Joan Aiken. She has won many awards and honors including the Carnegie Commendation for Dogsbody, the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award twice, the Guardian Award for Children's Books in 1977, and was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. When asked whether she prefers writing for adults or children, she replied, "Writing for adults, you have to keep reminding them of what is going on. The poor things have given up using their brains when they read. Children you only need to tell things to once."

Diana Wynne Jones passed away on March 26, 2011.

—Vicki Palmquist

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