Eric Rohmann My Friend Rabbit
Cinder-Eyed Cats Pumpkinhead

Born on October 26th, Eric Rohmann is very familiar with the Caldecott Medal. In 1999, Rohmann was awarded a Caldecott Honor for Time Flies.  The 2003 Caldecott Medal was Rohmann’s for My Friend Rabbit.

As a boy, Eric read Wanda Gag, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Maurice Sendak, J.R.R. Tolkien, George Herriman, and any comic book he could get his hands on. Not always being the best of students, Eric kept busy drawing fancy machines, monsters, knights, dinosaurs, and ships. Now an adult, Rohmann’s résumé includes being a painter, printmaker, fine bookmaker, and former teacher.

When asked why he writes and illustrates children’s books, Rohmann answers, “Children are the best audience: they are curious, enthusiastic, impulsive, generous, and pleased by simple joys. They laugh easily at the ridiculous and are willing to believe the absurd.” Rohmann lives in Chicago, Illinois.

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