Neil Gaiman Coraline
Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes Marvel 1602

On November 10th, Neil Gaiman stops being one age and starts being another. He is considered the Master of Dreams, particularly for his landmark Sandman series. Originating in Portchester, England, his father's friend brought him a box of old Marvel and DC comics when he was young and uninspired by English comic books. He was fascinated ... and eventually in 1987, by the way of things, DC Comics let him choose one of their old unused characters to re-invent. He chose the Sandman and made him the god of dreams and stories in 75 issues of the comic. Binding these issues together into 10 volumes launched the first graphic novel, a segment of publishing which is flourishing because of Gaiman's influence. The issue called "Midsummer Night's Dream" was the first comic book to be given the World Fantasy Award. In 2000, the ALA gave the Alex Award (best adult books for young adults) to Stardust, a fantasy novel. His middle grade horror novel, Coraline, awakened amidst tremendous buzz in the industry and won several awards. Gaiman is involved in music, film, and defending the First Amendment. He continues to walk down new paths, taking his readers along for the commentary.

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