Grandma Sabbatical

Posted January 8th, 2014

EspenI’m going on a grandma sabbatical! I’ll be taking care of my little grandson Espen while my daughter finishes up her dissertation and opens a craft distillery with her husband.

Little Mermaid by Robert SabudaBut before I do, there is one book I have to recommend: Robert Sabuda’s version of H.C. Andersen’s The Little Mermaid. When I first opened the pages and the huge double-spead pop-ups rose off the pages, little Espen’s eyes popped and sparkled with amazement. This book is a work of art on a different plane altogether. Our entire family spent hours ogling the intricate and detailed pop-ups that glow like stained glass windows or treasures found at the bottom of the sea. The writing is lovely as well, accessible yet true to Andersen’s style. But the very best part is that the book has books within the book and each one of these mini-books has its own pop-ups. It brings a whole new dimension to the experience of reading and lures you into lingering over both the words and the art. It’s a gem.

I am going to get more of Robert Sabuda’s pop-up books (Beauty and the Beast is next on my list) but I will have to keep them away from little Espen whose hands are starting to grab things and bring them to his mouth for tasting.

He and I will be reading plenty of other books together. I’ll keep on collecting and reading favorite fairytales and when I find something truly noteworthy, I’ll drop a line on my Facebook page.

Meanwhile, stay warm and read a good book!

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