A Year of Honors

Posted October 29th, 2012

Joanne RocklinAuthor Joanne Rocklin, who lives and writes in California, has been basking in a year of honors for two of her books.

The California Library Association will bestow its 2012 John and Patricia Beatty Award on One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street at a luncheon in San Jose on Saturday, November 3rd, at its annual conference. “I’m absolutely thrilled and honored,” said Rocklin. “I’ve always keenly admired the intent of the Beatty Award which makes receiving it all the more meaningful.”

Rocklin’s masterful novel revolves around a neighborhood’s one remaining orange tree and the secrets told, grand ideas shared, and events witnessed in its presence. The orange tree’s importance, and the neighborhood, are depicted in a series of vignettes told from the point of view of the children and adults living in the neighborhood. The novel was published by Abrams in April 2011. “I’m so thrilled to see Ms. Rocklin receive this prestigious award. Her unique book about one amazing morning and one amazing neighborhood exemplifies so much about the power and beauty of one gentle—and amazing—story!” said CLA President Wayne Disher. (CLA Beatty Award)

Then, on January 21st, One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street, will be honored at another luncheon hosted by the Los Angeles Public Library, giving Ms. Rocklin their 2012 FOCAL Award. Each year a group of teachers, librarians, and writers, members of The Friends of Children and Literature at the Los Angeles Public Library Children’s Literature Department, selects the FOCAL winner. Joanne will be presented with a unique puppet representing a character from her book, designed and created by artist Carol Onofrio. (In a side note, the FOCAL logo was created by Leo Politi, the first recipient of the FOCAL Award.)

Focal Award Logo

At the National Book Festival this year, One Day and One Amazing Morning on Orange Street was selected as one of “52 Great Reads,” prepared by the Center for the Book in conjunction with the Library of Congress, representing the State of California.

In the “This Can’t Help But Make You Smile Department,” Ms. Rocklin’s most recent middle grade novel, The Five Lives of our Cat Zook, has won a Certificate of Excellence in the 2012 Cat Writers’ Association Communications Contest (children’s book category).