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suggested by Tom Fitzpatrick at the Minnesota Humanities Commission

These are great books throughout the year for dads and their children to share together.

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Baby Dance Baby Dance — written by Ann Taylor,
illus. by Marjorie van Heerden

A board book in which an African American father croons to his baby daughter and dances while holding her.
Daddy is a Doodlebug Daddy is a Doodlebug — Bruce Degen

With inventive rhyme, a father bug and his child savor the special joys of companionship.
MyDad My Dad — AnthonyBrowne

A child exaggerates the many wonderful things about his dad.
What Dads Can't Do What Dads Can't Do – by Douglas Wood,
illus. by Doug Cushman

A humorous account of how dads show love by explaining all the things they cannot do.
Daddy Played Music for the Cows Daddy Played Music for the Cows – by Maryann Weidt, illus. by Henri Sorenson

A daughter's memories of her father and growing up on the farm.
MyFather's Boat My Father's Boat – by Sherry Garland, illus. by Ted Rand

A Vietnamese immigrant tells his son how he learned to fish from his father.
Night Driving Night Driving – John Coy,
illus. by Peter McCarty

A father and son drive into the night and watch for night animals, swap baseball stories, and keep a lookout for eighteen wheelers.
Pippi Longstocking Papa's Stories – by Dolores Johnson

A little girl enjoys her father reading stories to her, but then discovers he's telling stories because he can't read.
Ramona the Pest Reading with Dad – by Richard Jorgenson,
illus. by Warren Hanson

A father and daughter share the power and joy of reading together from youth to old age.
Sideways Stories fromWayside School The Wall – by Eve Bunting,
illus. by Ronald Himler

A little boy and his father visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C., to find the name of the boy's grandfather.

This book list was developed by the Minnesota Humanities Commission. Individuals contributing to the list were: Dan Dailey, The Five Owls; Pat Downs, Minneapolis Public Library; TomFitzpatrick, Minnesota Humanities Commission; Shelly Hawkins, Saint Paul Public Library; Roxie Markie, TheRed Balloon Bookshop; KathleenMoriarty, Minnesota Humanities Commission; GlenPalm,Saint Cloud State University; Todd Seabury-Kolod, Saint Paul Public Schools; Delene Thomas-Sanders, Minnesota Humanities Commission; WendyWoodfill, HennepinCounty Library