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This list is contributed by Bob Epstein, a Librarian/Cataloguer at Hennepin County Library in Minnetonka, Minnesota. He is also Librarian at Mount Zion Temple in Saint Paul, Minnesota. He may be contacted at


The Gift — Aliana Brodman

A young Jewish girl growing up in post-war Germany tries to find the best gift for Hanukkah that she can with the five marc coin given to her by her father. She looks at many possible gifts before deciding on the best possible one, the gift of giving.

One Candle

One CandleEve Bunting

Grandma and Great-aunt Rose keep a tradition alive that began in the concentration camps by lighting one candle in a potato 'menorah and passing it on to their children and grandchildren during Hanukkah.

Happy Hanukkah,Biscuit!

Happy Hanukkah, Biscuit! — Alyssa Satin Capucilli

In this lift-the-flap book, Biscuit the puppy discovers the smells, lights, and gifts of Hanukkah. A delightful treat for both Biscuit and young readers alike.

Christmas Menorahs

The Christmas Menorahs - Janice Cohn

In this true story, after an anti-Semitic incident involving a menorah at a Jewish home in Billings, Montana, Margaret McDonald leads the Billings community in a fight against bigotry by suggesting that as many people as possible place pictures of menorahs in their windows.

Northern Lights:a Hanukkahstory

Northern Lights: a Hanukkah Story — Diane Cohen Conway

Sara joins her father on his medical rounds by plane to remote Eskimo villages. When their plane is grounded due to a winter storm, Sara learns about Yupik culture from one of her new Eskimo friends, and in return, shares her story of Hanukkah and its significance.

Papa's Latkes — Michelle Edwards

For Selma and her little sister Dora, this is their first Chanukkah without Mama. When Papa comes home with everything they need for latkes, Selma is worried. Mama always made the Chanukkah latkes. Can they make them without her?

Mrs.Greenberg's Messy Hanukkah — Linda Glaser

At Rachel's house, there won't be any potato latkes or company until the last night of Hanukkah. But Rachel wants the first night to really feel like Hanukkah. She heads next door to her neighbor Mrs. Greenberg's house, where she offers to help Mrs. Greenberg make latkes. Soon, thanks to Rachel, Mrs. Greenberg's house is a mess. It's a test of their friendship, but a happy ending means Hanukkah and latkes and friends are all very special.

Chanukkah Guest

The Chanukkah Guest — Eric A.Kimmel

In this very funny story, Bubba Brayna, an elderly woman with poor eyesight, mistakes a bear for the rabbi she was expecting during the Hanukkah holiday.

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins — Eric A. Kimmel

Hershel of Ostropol, a clever wanderer, outwits a group of goblins who have been terrorizing a village at Hanukkah. One-on-one, or in groups, this book makes a great storytime tale. A perennial favorite and a Caldecott Honor book.

Magic Dreidels: a Hanukkah story

The Magic Dreidels: a Hanukkah Story — Eric A. Kimmel

A young boy keeps losing his magic dreidels to an unscrupulous and greedy woman neighbor, but with the help of a goblin he retrieves his dreidels in time to salvage Hanukkah for himself and his family.

When MindySaved Hanukkah

When Mindy saved Hanukkah — Eric A.Kimmel

In this holiday story reminiscent of Teddy Slater’s The Littles, Mindy Klein, a resourceful and determined Tom Thumb-sized child, saves Hanukkah for her very small family by outwitting a scary cat.

Hanukkah Lights,Hanukkah Nights

Hanukkah Lights, Hanukkah Nights — Leslie Kimmelman

A young Jewish girl celebrates the nights and delightful sights of Hanukkah with her family. Young children will identify with the little girl in this gentle book with its soft watercolors.

Let There Be Lights!

Let There Be Lights! — Camille Kress

The important aspects of Hanukkah, including the menorah, Maccabees, dreidel, and latkes are highlighted in this small book.


Hanukkah Lights — Ben Lakner

In this lift-the-flap oversized board book, the story of Hanukkah is told and a family celebrates by lighting the candles and playing the dreidel game.

Latkes and Applesauce

Latkes and Applesauce: a Hanukkah Story
Frank Manushkin

It looks like a blizzard has thwarted the Menashe family's Hanukkah celebration with latkes and applesauce until a stray dog digs some potatoes out of the snow, and a cat feigns being caught in the high branches of an apple tree until it is rescued along with a few apples.

My First HanukkahBoard Book

My First Hanukkah Board Book (DK Publishing)

This little book covers all the aspects of Hanukkah in eye-catching bright and colorful photos: the menorah, songs, history, food, gifts, counting candles, dreidel, and shapes.

Elijah's Angel

Elijah's angel: a story for Chanukah and Christmas
Michael J. Rosen

A nine-year-old Jewish boy and an elderly Christian black man, who is a barber and a woodcarver, exchange gifts during the holiday season. The boy wonders if the woodcarver’s angel constitutes a graven image until his parents help him understand the nature and intention of the gift he has received.

SammySpider's First Hanukkah

Sammy Spider's First Hanukkah — Sylvia A. Rouss

In the Hanukkah story of this popular series (Sammy Spider's first Passover, etc.), Sammy learns the traditions of Hanukkah, and the different colors of each added candle throughout the nights of the holiday. Young children find the bright colors and shapes in this series especially appealing.


Hanukkah! — Roni Schotter

A family celebrates Hanukkah, its joys and significance of the candle lighting, gifts, and latkes. A National Jewish Book Award winner.

Story ofChanukah

The Story of Chanukah — Francis Barry Silberg

In accessible language the story of how the Maccabees fought King Antiochus and the Syrians for their freedom, and eventually, reclaimed and cleansed the Temple.

It's a Miracle! a Hanukkah Storybook

It's a Miracle! a Hanukkah Storybook — Stephanie Spinner, illustrated byJill McElmurry

Every night of Hanukkah, after Owen—the Official Candle Lighter—lights the menorah, Grandma Karen kicks off her cowboy boots and tells him a bedtime story. On the first night there's the inspiring story of a girl who dreams of becoming a rabbi. On the fourth night there's the amazing story of the alien who gets lost in a little girl's backyard. And on the seventh night there's the silly story about a boy who wants to be a baby ... and whose parents let him! Join Owen in discovering how each of these stories is also a celebration of his own heritage in this heartwarming book about faith, family, and the miracle of Hanukkah.

Pearl's Eight Days of Chanukah

Pearl's Eight Days of Chanukah — Jane Breskin Zalben

Pearl and her cousins Harry and Sophie celebrate Hanukkah with a story and activity for each night. Includes recipes and songs.

Eight Candles toLight

Eight Candles to Light: a Chanukah Story — Jonny Zucker

Bright colorful illustrations show how a family celebrates the story, lights and foods of Hanukkah.

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